1920 - 1927

Ekophon was a German-Swedish record label owned by German Carl Lindström AG but produced exclusively for the Swedish market. The label was registered at the Swedish Patent Office 6th of July 1920 and the first records were released the following spring.

Ekophon's repertoire consisted of a mix of German recordings from other brands within the Lindström Group (mainly Beka) and material recorded especially for Swedish audiences both in Berlin and locally in Stockholm. In order to strengthen the Swedish impression, many of the German recordings were published under invented Swedish artist and orchestra names. For example, pianist Gunnar Boberg falsely stands as the leader of a series of recordings that are actually of German studio orchestras.

Thanks to Lindström's contacts with American Okeh, some seventy recordings from this company were also released on Ekophon, including with well-known American orchestras such as Ray Millers, Sam Lanins and Vincent Lopez.

Of jazz historical interest are some Swedish recordings from 1923 with Sven Rüno's jazz band, which included the US-born black banjoist Russell Jones.

The records were pressed in Berlin until 1924.

In early 1927, Ekophon was replaced by Parlophon.

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  • Ekophon 1316
  • Ekophon 1737

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