1948 - 1972

The Vis Radio Discografica funded in 1948 by Aldo Scoppa as an internal derivation of the company that designed and assembled radio, in the foresight to invest in the production market of new artists, especially Neapolitans. His artistic directors were Loris de Rosa and Mario Landi.

The main office was in Naples, in Corso Umberto I 132; he then had two other offices, in Milan in Via Larga 11 and in Via Stoppani 6 and in Rome in Via Flavia 72. He was also the owner of his own recording studios, in Via Cupa Cajafa in Naples.

Over the years he has produced many artists, continuing to support the melodic and neomelodic genre. His most famous singer, in the early years, was undoubtedly Claudio Villa, who published all 78 rpm for Vis Radio which he recorded from 1949 to 1956; other well-known artists were Mario Abbate, Gabriele Vanorio, Maria Paris, Gloria Christian, Leonardo Cabizza and Maria Teresa Cau (Logudoro Quartet), Virginia From Brescia, Alvaro Amici, Nunzio Gallo, Gino Da Procida, Gianni La Commare, Mirna Doris, Georgia Moll , the Campanino, Mike Fusaro, Carlo Missaglia and many others.

Like other record companies, Vis also had a sub-label, the Dominator, which was mainly specialized in orchestral music.

In the 60s, after reaching the verge of bankruptcy, the record company Vis went through a corporate restructuring procedure, with the closure of the branch offices. Subsequently, Scoppa sold Vis Radio to Mara Del Rio and Franco De Paolis.

Source: Wikipedia


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