1912 - 1917

Lakeside were single-sided discs manufactured by the American Graphophone Company and later the Columbia Graphophone Company between 1912-1917 for mail order sale through the Montgomery Ward catalog.

Lakeside Records were produced in both 10" and 12" diameters, with the former retailing for 30¢ each (or $3.50 per dozen) and the latter retailing for 55¢ each (or $6.40 per dozen).

Columbia pressed Lakeside Records from its domestic and imported masters, and included material that had been recorded as early as 1902. Some issues were anonymous, but most releases by famous personalities cited artist credits. Montgomery Ward discontinued the label in 1918 and instead marketed standard Columbia records through its catalog.

Note that Montgomery Ward also marketed cylinders through its mail order catalog. These included Columbia, Indestructible Record, and U.S. Everlasting Record cylinders, which were all marketed under the Lakeside name. Sale of cylinders ended in 1912, at which time Montgomery Ward offered them for just $1.95 per dozen.

Source: Discogs


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