1895 - 1933

Kalliope was beside Grammophon the oldest record label in Germany.
At the beginning there was a connection to the Anker Werke in Leipzig, later with Mentzenhauer & Schmidt in Berlin.
The first records were made long before WWI.
In the year 1895 Wacker & Bock was been renamed in Kalliope Fabrik mechanischer Musikwerke, Espenhain, Wacker & Bock.

1910 buys the company Saxon Holzwarenfabrik - Max Böhme AG in Dippoldiswalde in the Ore Mountains and moves its headquarters there, and sold the property in Leipzig in 1911 for 500 000 marks.
1911 a subsidiary has been established in Austria - Hungary.
1914 Kalliope assumes the Anker-Phonogramm-Gesellschaft, Berlin. At the same year the bankruptcy proceedings against the Kalliope Musik Werke AG is opened. The company is in liquidation continued until 1917 , and expires 1919.

In 1930 the unbreakable disk MELOCORD was launched

In addition to many made matrices, Kalliope also pressed for American Paramount , Broadway and Banner/Regal. These pressings are Kalliope American Record .

In Germany, the production was discontinued in 1933.


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