1913 - 1914

This label was manufactured in Germany and (after 1914) in Britain for John G. Murdoch & Co., London, who exported the records to Australia. The label was not sold in Britain and the lifespan was from 1913 to 1915. The label name was registered in London in 1913 by Murdoch & Co. and in Australia on 4 Oct., 1913 by A. Macrow & Sons Pty. Ltd. of Melbourne who were The Australian distributors.

From 1913 to 1914 the German manufactured discs used two series: a 5000 series (known range 5548 to 5780) and a 8000 series (known range 8575 to 8996).

After WWI broke out in August, 1914, production moved to England and most Excelophone releases from that period use the same catalogue series as the UK Invicta label (known range 136 to 590). These records were pressed by the Crystalate Mfg. Co. Ltd. There was also a single known release with the catalogue # 1012 which may have also been pressed by Crystalate. And finally, there were a few issues with catalogue numbers in the 2000s which were pressed by Edison Bell and use material from their Winner label.

Source: Discogs

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