1920 - 1922

Cleartone was an U.S. record label that was in existence for only a couple of years, from 1920 to 1922. During that brief time, the label was produced by several companies for the "Cleartone Phonograph Company, New York".

Earliest releases, numbered in an 800 series, were simply Pathé Actuelle releases with Cleartone labels pasted over the originals. These releases were all pseudonymous.

The second source of Cleartone records was the Clarion Record Company of New York, which pressed a series of black-label popular (P-series) and maroon-label standard (S-series) records for Cleartone. These generally duplicated material originally released on Clarion's labels (Cardinal and Clarion).

After Clarion suspended operations in 1922, Cleartone obtained material from The Arto Company. Couplings corresponded to those on Arto labels and had a C-prefix.

Source: Discogs


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