1935 - 1989

Durium was an Italian record label, active from 1935 to 1989.

Durium SA was founded in 1935 in Milan (originally as Durium La Voce dell'Impero) by a group of Milanese entrepreneurs including Martinengo and Alberto Airoldi, who became its president. The headquarters were in Corso Garibaldi in Milan and production covered both discs and sound producers.

The first records released were recitations of tales for children, and other productions aimed at emigrants and troops abroad. In the years 1935/1936 - lacking the material for the production - discs were also published on cardboard supports, containing language courses, technical courses, and propaganda. With the outbreak of war the offices and some recording studios were transferred from Milan to Erba.

At the end of the Second World War after the return to Milan in the new headquarters in the passage of the Osii 2 the company, meanwhile become Durium, moves the administrative and representation offices in via Manzoni. The core of what will be the burning and printing remains in Erba.

In 1977 Durium reached its peak with a net sales increase of 35% compared to the previous year, for a total of 6.25 million dollars at the time.

Like many other record companies, Durium also gave birth to some sub-labels of which the best known is the Italian Targa, which has also released some albums and 45 rpm of Vasco Rossi; in addition, Durium distributed other labels such as Sprint, Titanus and Karim.

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