Pathé Phonographs, also known as “Pathéphones,” were a popular line of phonograph machines manufactured by the French company Pathé Frères in the early 20th century.

They were known for their distinctive design, which featured a conical horn attached to the turntable. Pathé Phonographs used a unique vertical-cut disc format, rather than the lateral-cut discs used by most other phonographs of the time. These phonographs were known for their durability and were often used in public spaces like cafes and restaurants.

The main factory of Pathé Phonographs was located in Chatou, a suburb of Paris, France.

Pathé Phonographs played a significant role in the early history of recorded music and were particularly popular in Europe during the early 1900s.

Pathé Frères

 26 Rue de Meulan / Chatou
Paris / France


Pathé Actuelle

Pathé Concert

Pathé Salon

Pathéphone 15

Pathéphone 25

Model VII

Model X

Model XII