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Argentine label, run by The Argentine Talking Machine Works. It supplanted previous label Disco Nacional in 1923/1924 and served as a stand in for Odeon.

It became Disco Criollo Odeon from January 1934 after an Argentine law prohibiting the use of the word “Nacional” by non-governmental entities.

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Argentine EMI coorporation label, characterised by a logotype that resembles a sunrise. Created in the 50s, it originally operated under Música Argentina E Internacional S.R.L. (MAI), then Industrias Electricas Y Musicales Odeon S.A.I.C. (IEMO) and finally EMI-Odeon S.A.I.C..

It’s use dropped by the end of the 70s, it underwent a revival in the 90s as Discos Pampa.

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[rev_slider ARIEL_AR]

Ariel was a label from Argentina using matrices from ABC Paramount.