1947 - 1987

French record label, founded in 1947 as Disques Vogue by Léon Cabat and Charles Delaunay. In 1973 they changed their label appearance to simply Vogue.

The Company initially began by releasing Jazz music then, since the fifties, it also released French pop music and licensed American and British pop music. The label was then acquired by Sony BMG Music Entertainment and subsequently Sony Music Entertainment - who own the rights to the label's catalog.

78 rpm releases
can have the Jazz Selection label, Royal Jazz label, Mood label, Swing label, Specialty label and Vogue Label (V100, V1000, V2000, V3000, V5000, V12000 series).

Vogue-45-500145 rpm releases
can have the Pop label (PO45S, MPO, POX, SPO, STPO series), Vogue label (V45-01, 45v4000, VS45-12000, V45-27000, INT 80000, STE 01-45, JKST 01 (33 rpm), DOV, ENF (for children), EPL, EPS, INT, STEP.




vogue_33-44533rpm releases
can have the Blues Legacy, Blues Today, Jazz Legacy, Jazz Selection, Jazz Today, Kaleidoscope, Mode, Mondio Music, Pop (12, CBM, POMS series), Swing, Vogue (LD, LDM 10000, LDA 20000 (520000), LDY 28000 (528000), LDM 30000, INT 40000, LVLX series) label.



Special series includes Collection Sidney Bechet, Pop label, Vogue label, Stereo series, Vogue label for 16 rpm series and for 2xLP (DP, 406500 (LD6500), LDA16000 (416000), 429000, DY 21000 series).

Labelcode: LC 0390

Early English & American releases can also be found on Vogue Records (with a logo imprint similar to the French logo). These should not be confused with Vogue Picture Records Picture from Detroit, Michigan.

British releases from 1965 onwards bearing the Disques Vogue logo. The following series were issued:

Singles: VRS 7000 (7000 - 7024)
EP's: VRE 5000
LP's: VRL 3000

A British offshoot was founded in 1951 and absorbed by English Decca (then separate from the American company) around 1956, but the rights to the name reverted to the French parent in 1962. A new sister label was established in Britain as part of the Pye Group. The label's catalogue is now part of Sony Music.


  • Vogue 114
  • Vogue 1007
  • Vogue 500B

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