1952 - 1970's

The Starday Label was started in Beaumont, Texas in 1952 by Harold W. "Pappy" Daily and Jack Starnes, Jr.
The label recorded country & western, Cajun music, and sacred music.

In November 1956, Starday released its first LP, SLP 101, "Grand Ole Opry's New Star" by George Jones.

By the mid 1960s, Starday had become the big name in "truck driver music".

In 1968, Starday purchased the King Label of Cincinnati, Ohio. Three years later, Pierce sold Starday-King to Lin Broadcasting for about five million dollars and retired from the record business.

The Starday label lasted into the late 1970's, although by that time it was reissuing material recorded earlier.

Starday series 101 - 280

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