1933 - 1939

Swedish label from the department store chain Resia.

Released shellac records between 1933-1939.

During the thirties quantities of records were sold in the Swedish stores. Every stores company had at least one label. One of the lesser companies was Resia, which at that time had about one hundred shops. The records which were sold in these shops between 1933 and 1940 bore the name "Resia".

Resia was introduced in 1933 with the label "4-schlager" and "4-melodi" (through closer engraving every side of the record held two melodies) . Kristail in Berlin recorded and also pressed the records. They were issued in 1933 and spring 1934; the label was red and, sometimes, black.

The 1000-series only contained foreign recordings. Also these records, issued in autumn 1933 and spring 1934 were pressed by Kristall. The label was green.

The 2000- series only contained Swedish recordings. Earlier issues were Kristall recordings; later issues had unidentified material which also were to find on several others stores' labels such as "Colorit", "Fagel Bla" and "Parad". No recording lists are handed down to posterity and many matrice numbers are not the original ones. Records with matrice numbers in a800— series were pressed in Sweden, the others by Kristall in Berlin. The records were issued during 1934 and 1935 and the label was lilac.

The 4000- and 5000-series only consisted of recordings made by Swedish Odeon for Silverton, another stores’ label. Unfortunately the singers here often were anonymous ("Dance orchestra with vocal refrain") and the all too few existing recording lists do not always tell us their names. The records, issued 1936-1939, were pressed by Carl Lindstrom A.G. in Berlin; the label was black.

Source: Discogs


  • Resia 19
  • Resia 4056

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