1905 - 1914

German label, predecessor of Parlophone. Registered as a trademark in 1902 by Max Straus and Heinrich Zuntz of Salon Kinematograph Co. GmbH for the sale of Carl Lindström grammophones. Both companies later merged to create Carl Lindström A.-G.. The first Parlophon records were pressed in 1910 under Parlophon-Record.

Registered in Sweden in 1910. The first Swedish recordings were made by Ernst Rolf in 1912. The label was independent until 1932 when it was part of Odeon Swedish companies.
Parlophone breaks in the UK somewhere between 1920 and 1923 with the introduction of the The Parlophone Co. Ltd. factory, under the name Parlophone.

Parlophon proper is discontinued, but Parlophone retains activity in the UK well after Lindström is adquired by Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd..

Spanish releases were done under Parlophon S.A. company.

Source: Discogs


  • PARLOPHON P 1251
  • PARLOPHON P 1174
  • PARLOPHON P 9101
  • PARLOPHON P 9416

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