1948 - 2015

After 1945, the property of the German Odeon label at ul. Płocka 13 in Warsaw (the full name of the company was: Polskie Zakłady Phonograficzne Odeon) became the property of the Polish state.

In 1948 the Phonographic Works in Warsaw (with the name Muza on plate stickers) already operated at the same address and in 1951 also the Warsaw Phonographic Works (Muza).

The next reorganization was more profound - in 1953 the recording was separated from the production of discs, creating two separate enterprises: Zakład Nagrania Dźwiękowej at ul. Długa 5 (dealing with the production of sound material) and the "Muza" Gramophone Record Factory in Płock.

In 1955 - as a result of the decision of the Ministry of Culture and Art and activities centralizing economic activities - the two enterprises were merged again.

The Polish Record Company was established, the Polish Record Company was established, and in 1956 a gramophone record factory was attached to it, forming the Polish State Record Company Muza.

Until its purchase by Warner Music Poland in 2015, for €1.9 million, the label was owned by the Polish government.

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