1957 - today

DYNA (Music) Products Inc., commonly known as Dyna Music, traces its roots in 1957 as the first independent music recording company in the Philippines.

The label was established by Chinese-Filipino businessman, philanthropist, and music lover Dr. James Dy who also plays the saxophone and harmonica.

Dyna Music is associated with famous Filipino talents of the 1950s and 60s like Cecil Lloyd (Mystery Singer), Fred Panopio (Jukebox King of the Philippines), Pauline Sevilla, Armida Siguion-Reyna, Pilita Corrales (Asia's Queen of Song), and Diomedes Maturan (The Perry Como of the Philippines).
The label also became the biggest licensee of non-Philippine labels that featured famous international artists like Alessandro Carmelo "Teddy" Randazzo, Joan Campbell, Connie Francis, Anita Bryant, Paul Anka, and groups like The Platters, The Bee Gees, and the Beatles.

Dyna Music continues to operate and is now managed by Dr. James Dy’s son, Howard G. Dy.

Source: Pinoy Shellac

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