1940s - 1950s

Carl Weismann (20 June 1906-30 May 1999) was a Danish bio-acoustician and pioneer in the field of recording and analysing animal voices. As early as 1934, he began recording bird calls on Copenhagen's Vestvold, and via microphones connected to the telephone line, the recordings were sent directly to the diofonien, which cut wax discs that were then made into lacquer discs, which in turn were broadcast on the radio.
His vast collection of recordings now resides at the British Library National Sound Archive in London. The Library lists 1,425 recordings, but nothing about whether they have been released on disc, so they are are probably "only" available as tape recordings and therefore fall outside this discography. And with his "Singing Dogs" discs, Weismann was actually a pioneer of "musique concrete.

All of his releases on 78rpm are probably from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s.

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