British Rhythm Society

1950 - ?

78 RPM record bootleg label issued by Dante S. Bolletino in New York City. The label was founded in 1950. Although this particular 'British Rhythm Society' was fictional and perhaps created to seem like a 'club label' like Hot Record Society and United Hot Clubs of America, there actually was a British Hot Record Society in London.

The British Rhythm Society label was a jazz reissue label.

BRS issued its pressings on non-breakable vinyl and was the only 'boot' to print the fields of its labels in a variety of solid colors: maroon, blood red, light green, light blue, blue, black, cream yellow, bright yellow, and white. Except for its first issue, which is printed in black, all-caps, sans-serif type, all typography is antique silver.

On pressings in the '1000' series and on reprints in its 1-26 series, 'Special Limited Edition for Members Only' is printed immediately above the spindle hole. These are non-vinyl pressings. Beginning with BRS 6, 'Special Limited Vinylite Pressing for Members Only' replaces the previous statement and is printed in the same location.

As with other bootleg labels, the matrix numbers on BRS have no relation to the matrix numbers of original issues, nor are they in any consistent numerical sequence or use the same prefix.

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  • BRS-1003

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