Black & White

1943 - 1949

Black & White Records was founded in 1943 by Les Schreiber and was located at 2117 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. The name was chosen to indicate that black and white musicians were signed to the label. The company initially issued recordings by Art Hodes and Cliff Jackson.

On October 8, 1949, after shutting down B&W Records, Paul Reiner offered several hundred masters for sale, some released, some not. He appointed Al Katz (Katzenberger) to negotiate sales on his behalf. The sale was offered in units, ordered by artists. Katz gave first right of refusal to the artists.

Reiner had sold the masters from sessions by Art Tatum, Cyril Nathaniel Haynes, and Red Norvo/Charlie Parker to Ross Russell, the owner of Dial Records. The deal wasa closed via telephone on June 21, 1949.

Source: Wikipedia

BLACK & WHITE record series



  • BlackWhite-100B
  • BlackWhite-579
  • BLackWhite-750
  • BlackWhite-778
  • BlackWhite-5004
  • BlackWhite-500
  • BlackWhite-8003

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