1942 - 1946

US label owned by producer and music publisher Joe Davis. Label was produced between 1942-1946 by the Beacon Record Company (331 W. 51st Street, New York, NY).

Davis reportedly bought the rights to Harry Gennett's wartime shellac ration to launch his new label at a time when materials were scarce and starting up new record companies was discouraged. In return, Gennett used the proceeds to refurbish his aging Gennett Records pressing plant in Richmond, IN. As part of the deal, Davis also briefly produced a new version of the Gennett Records label for a brief time around 1945. These Gennett records are distinguished from classic Gennett records of the 1920s by the presence of a treble-clef trademark that did not appear on the originals.

In 1946, Davis abandoned both Beacon and Gennett and focused his energy on production of his own Joe Davis Records (later renamed Davis Records). Some Beacon material was reissued on those labels.

Source: Discogs



  • BEACON-7013

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