1920 - 1925

    Pathé introduced a line of "needle-cut" records, at first only for the USA market in 1920.

    The needle-cut records were laterally-cut discs designed to be compatible with standard phonographs, and they were labelled Pathé Actuelle.

    In the following year, these "needle-cut" records were introduced in the United Kingdom and within a few more years they were selling more than the vertical Pathés, even on the continent.

    Attempts to market the Pathé vertical-cut discs abroad were abandoned in 1925, though they continued to sell in France until 1932.

    French masters: 5000 - 6000
    American masters: 68000 - 70000 / restarted at 105000 - 108000
    English masters: 78000 - 79000 / 90000 series

    Electrical recording came quite late; only one or two English matrices on Actuelle are electric; the American masters went electric at about 107100, though some early electrics have matrices in an E-2000 range.

    Source: mgthomas


    • Actuelle black
    • Actuelle 022425
    • Actuelle red