Reneyphone was founded by Charles René. Before starting Reneyphone-Radio S.A. in Brussels (at 15 Rue Léon Lepage), Charles René founded the Reneyphone record label, also manufacturing wind-up gramophones with the same name.

'Reneyphone-Radio S.A. was founded on 06.08.1935 by Lucie Barbe (15 Rue Léon Lepage, Bruxelles), George René (Rue Beaurepaire 20, Paris), Charles René (Avenue Broustin, Ganshoren), Madeleine Renouard (Vellées Rue des Peupliers 33, Bois-Colombes) and Marcel Rabache (Rue Sadi Carnot 18, Vanves) for industry and commerce of all apparatus and accessories for wireless sets and television. Initial capital 50.000 BEF.