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GREYKO Records is an American folk record label located in Pittsburgh PA. It was founded in the 1950s and active until the mid 1970s.

In 2005 it was revived by Violet J Ruparcich. (1516 GREENTREE RD Pittsburgh PA 15220)


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Independent Philadelphia record label owned by Bill Borrelli, Nick Busillo and Russ Smith. Operated in early 1950’s. Most well known for releasing Al Martino’s first hit “Here In My Heart”.
Also appears as “BBS” only.

Source: Discogs


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Process was an independent Country & Western label, based in Franklin, PA.

Produced by Process Record Co., the label released 78 rpm records from ca. 1947-1950.

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DANDY was an U.S. record label produced by the Scranton Button Company for an unknown distributor or retailer. Early issues bear purple-and-white labels; later labels are gold on black and white, or gold on red and white.
Masters were drawn from the Emerson Recording Laboratories’ client-label pool.

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US label from Philadelphia, PA owned by Jack Howard.

Source: Discogs / Billboard



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Phenix Records was a subsidiary of the Ballen Record Company active in the end 1940s. It was situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA).



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The first reference in Billboard to Palda Records in Philadelphia was as a pressing plant. The Millers placed a general advertisement in the March 1, 1947, issue of the magazine indicating their availability to press records. “Palda” was a short form of “Paul‐Albert‐David,” the Millers, who created the company. Albert Miller was the father of Paul and David; the sons usually ran the company, and later on it would be Dave Miller whose name would be synonymous with the company. Their offices and plant were at 3208 S. 84th Street in Philadelphia.

Palda started up a new series with 1001 and would later introduce a series of “race” records (by African‐American artists) beginning with 2001.

Palda was defunct in 1950 after a charge of selling obscene records in Denver.

Source: Essex History


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Krantz Records was a recording company from Philadelphia, PA, which was operating during late 1940s and specialized in popular music.


20th Century

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The Ballen Record Company, Philadelphia, PA was founded by Ivin Ballen in 1946. Ivin built his own factory and studio from scratch. To keep his operation humming when his label’s acts were “cold”, Ivin began to take in work from other established labels, and within a few years the business had become a full-time pressing plant for third party labels.

In 1959 the company’s name was changed to Disc Makers.

Ivin Ballen passed away in 1978. Through the next two decades, the company (now called Disc Makers) progressed through various formats such as 45 rpm vinyl singles, 33 1/3 rpm vinyl LPs, 8-tracks, and audio cassettes. Today, Disc Makers stands alone as the undisputed leader in optical disc manufacturing for independent artists, filmmakers, and businesses.