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Jazzology Records is an American jazz record company and label. It is part of the Jazzology group of labels owned and operated by the George H. Buck Jr. Jazz Foundation.

Jazzology Records was founded 1949 in New Orleans, Louisiana by George H. Buck, Jr.

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The New Orleans label released a couple of records in 1951 and 1952 which have been recorded one year before at The Dixieland Jambake live broadcasted at WDSU with DJ Roger Wolfe. The show followed the format of ABC’s Battle of the Bands, which competing bands having airtime to showcase their individual styles.

Source: “The Original Tuxedo Jazz Band” – Sally Newhart



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Record label based in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Run by George Khoury from the mid 1950s to the 1960s.


Black Swan

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Harry Pace launched the Black Swan label in 1921, and Pace Phonograph Corporation was the first successful black-owned and operated record company.

The label was named after Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, a 19th-century black performer who had been billed as “The Black Swan”.

Pace retained Fletcher Henderson as recording director and chief accompanist and William Grant Still as musical director of his company. Black Swan issued many blues records by Ethel Waters, Trixie Smith and Alberta Hunter, as well as religious, standard, classical and operatic series.
Despite a diverse catalog and aggressive promotion, Black Swan encountered distribution problems and declining sales forced Pace to sell his rights to The New York Recording Laboratories, manufacturers of Paramount, in 1924.

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NEW ORLEANS records were produced by the New Orleans Record Shop, 439 Baronne, n.o.12 LA., New Orleans.

It seems the shop moved once and only produced in the year 1949.

Mostly Jazz.