ABBEY 50 – 15074 (1948 – 1953)The 78rpm-Club
Cat#ArtistTitleMatrixCross Ref.LocationDateComposer
50Jim Arlen TrioPushcart Serenade1948
50Jim Arlen TrioA Kiss Became a Prayer1948
52Bill Darnel with organI Wish I Had A SweetheartG 603Davis – Braverman – Brookhouse
52Bill Darnel with organI’m Always In Love With Someone (Who’s Never In Love With Me)G 604Marty Symes
A53Bill Darnel with organDo You Miss MeG 605Teddy Powell – Little Jack Little
A53Bill Darnel with organUnderneath the Linden TreeG 606Dick Manning – Arthur Beul
A54Sis StoneTell You What I’m Gonna Do pt1
A54Sis StoneTell You What I’m Gonna Do pt2
55Bob Merrell (Sam Taylor orch)Low Down GrooveG 6133/5/1949
55Bob Merrell (Sam Taylor orch)The Blues Is Here TonightG 6143/5/1949
62Sam Taylor and his OrchPyramid BoogieG 627Sam Taylor
62Sam Taylor and his OrchRinkey-DinkSam Taylor
A66Bill GoodenSong of the Woodpecker
A66Bill GoodenSteady Roll
68Bob HowardHow Can You Look So Good and Act So Bad
68Bob HowardBallin’ the Jack
A69The Norfolk FourBake That Chicken PieG 644
A69The Norfolk FourThe Devil and the StokerG 640
A70The Norfolk FourI’ll Tell It Wherever I Go
A70The Norfolk FourWhen the Train Comes Along
A72The Cabineers (Bill McRae’s Orch)WhirlpoolG 655Abbey 3003
A72The Cabineers (Bill McRae’s Orch)You’re Just a Great Big HeartacheG 656Abbey 3003Bill Westbrook
A74Randy RobinsNight Live
A74Randy RobinsWishing Star
A75Gloria MacThe One In Your MemoryG 657
A75Gloria MacWhat Is This Thing Called LoveG 658
3001The CabineersHow Can I Help ItG 653
3001The CabineersTell Me NowG 654
3002Ralph Willis and Spider SamCool That ThingG 673
3002Ralph Willis and Spider SamSportin’ LifeG 674
3003The CabineersWhirlpoolG 655Abbey A721950Billy Fat’s Hagen; John Tuttle
3003The Cabineers with The Bill McRae TrioYou’re Just a Great Big HeartacheG 656Abbey A721950Bill Westbrook
3005Ralph Willis and Spider SamTell Me Pretty BabyG 671
3005Ralph Willis and Spider SamI’m Gonna RockG 672
3006Sam ‘The Man’ TaylorBluer than BlueG 683
3006Sam ‘The Man’ TaylorKokomoG 681
3007Betty Mays and Her ComboThe Nearness of You
3007Betty Mays and Her ComboUntil the Real Thing Comes Along
3008Ben Smith QuartetDon’t Worry Me No More (v. Nellie Hill)G 688NYC9/28/1949Rudolf Toombs
3008Ben Smith QuartetI Ain’t Fattening No Frogs for SnakesG 690Abbey 3009NYC9/28/1949Edward Snead
3009Ben Smith QuartetI Ain’t Fattening No Frogs for SnakesG 690Abbey 3008NYC9/28/1949Edward Snead
3009Ben Smith QuartetThe Blue Got Me Walkin’G 699NYC9/28/1949
3009altBen Smith QuartetMule TrainG 697NYC9/28/1949
3010Bob Merrell (Sam Taylor orch)Low Down GrooveG 613Abbey 553/5/1949
3010Bob Merrell (Sam Taylor orch)The Blues Is Here TonightG 614Abbey 553/5/1949
3011The Master KeysDon’t Talk DarlingG 706
3011The Master KeysIt’s Time to Kiss GoodnightG 707
3012Ben Smith QuartetYou Are Closer to My Heart (v. Artie Long)G 689
3012Ben Smith QuartetThe Blues Got Me Walkin’ (v. Artie Long)G 687
3014Bobby Marshall (Ray Parker Orch)Call Me DarlingG 721(NYC)1950Reisfeld – Fryberg – Marbot – Dick
3014Bobby Marshall (Ray Parker Orch)Just One More TimeG 722(NYC)1950Ted McRae
3015Brother BluesDay BreakG 739
3015Brother BluesFeather Weight MamaG 738
3016Fat Man HumphriesDoby at the BatG 757
3016Fat Man HumphriesBirmingham BounceG 756
3017The Master KeysMr. BluesG 748
3017The Master KeysDon’t Cry DarlingG 749
3018Bobby Marshall (Ray Parker Orch)I’m Going to Live for Today(NYC)-1950
3018Bobby Marshall (Ray Parker Orch)It’s a Great, Great PleasureG 724(NYC)-1950Bobby Marshall
3019Bobby Marshall (Eddie Wilcox orch)I Shouldn’t Love You(NYC)-1950
3019Bobby Marshall (Eddie Wilcox orch)Are You Lonesome Tonight(NYC)-1950
3020Alonzo ScalesMy Baby Don’t AllowG 741
3020Alonzo ScalesLeft Me Home BluesG 742
3021Eddie WilcoxIf You Were Only MineG 903
3021Eddie WilcoxHow About ThatG 904
3022Johnny FetonYou’re Spending My Money Too FastG 917
3022Johnny FetonOne NoteG 918
3023Jewyl Long (Johnny Felton orch)Barber Jim
3023Jewyl Long (Johnny Felton orch)Oh Yes He Does
3024Brother Blues and the Back Room BoysFeatherweight MamaG 738Jack Dupree
3024Brother Blues and the Back Room BoysDay BreakG 739
3025The Radars (Conrad Fredrick orch)I Need You All the TimeG 931
3025The Radars (Conrad Fredrick orch)You Belong to MeG 930
3026Bobby MarshallI Know NowG 936
3026Bobby MarshallMy Mother’s EyesG 935
3027Nellie Hill and the Radars (Conrad Fredrick orch)When I’m In the MoodG 9481951Robinson; Toombs
3027Nellie Hill and the Radars (Conrad Fredrick orch)I’m Gonna Copyright Your KissesG 9491951Toombs; Huey
3028Ric HarperI’m a Sixty Minute Rocket Man
3028Ric HarperJoogie-Boogie Joint
3029Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookCookin’ the BoogieG 9911951
3029Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookMason-Dixon BoogieG 989Abbey 150561951Cook
3030Joan Shaw and Billy FordLonesome for My BabyG 994Biggs; Rickey; Reid
3030Joan Shaw (Billy Ford orch)Rock My SoulG 995August; Cook; Anderson
3031Elaine BryantTombstone Number Nine
3031Elaine BryantYou’re My Baby, Too
5001Tyree Glenn All StarsSultry SerenadeG 669
5001Tyree Glenn All StarsDusty SerenadeG 670
7001Madame Eva Reynolds and Sister Rosa Mae LaneIt’s Jesus, Jesus Every DayG 659Rosa Mae Lane
7001Sister Rosa Mae LaneAnswer Me This DayG 660Rosa Mae Lane
7002Sister Rosa Mae LaneI’m Proud to Be in the Service of the LordG 662Rosa Mae Lane
7002Madame Eva Reynolds and Sister Rosa Mae LaneNo One Can Love Me Like HimG 661Rosa Mae Lane
7003The Norfolk FourI’m Bound for Higher GroundS 639
7003The Norfolk FourSearch My HeartS 641
7004The Jubilee BoysGod Don’t Change
7004The Jubilee BoysGod Don’t Like It
7005The Norfolk FourMy Life Is In His Hands
7005The Norfolk FourThe Beautiful City
7006The Norfolk FourPreacherG 691
7006The Norfolk FourAnybody Here Love King JesusG 694
7007The Norfolk FourWhen the Rain Comes Along
7007The Norfolk FourI’ll Tell It Wherever I Go
7008Sister Dorothy Rivers and the Holy Ghost SingersJesus Is Coming on the CloudG 957
7008Sister Dorothy Rivers and the Holy Ghost SingersLord Jesus Is LoveG 955
7009The Utility Gospel SingersThe Only Bible Some Folks ReadG 967
7009The Utility Gospel SingersYield Not to TemptationG 871
9001The Original Calypso BoysPlaying With the Numbers
9001The Original Calypso BoysGrin and Bear It
9002The Original Calypso BoysMatilda
9002The Original Calypso BoysMary Ann
15001Bud Messner and His Skyline BoysMommy Can I Take My Doll To Heaven
15001Bud Messner and His Skyline BoysBut I’ll Go Chasin’ Women
15002Alan Roberts – Dolly Darr (Bud Messner & His Skyline Boys)We Were MarriedG 70101/1950Cy Coben
15002Alan Roberts – Dolly Darr (Bud Messner & His Skyline Boys)Tell Her You Love Her TodayG 70201/1950Lulu Belle & Scotty
15003Lawrence (Piano Roll) Cook with the Jim DandiesThe Old Piano Roll BluesG 71001/1950Cy Coben
15003Lawrence (Piano Roll) Cook with the Jim DandiesWhy do They Always Say NoG 71101/1950Davis, Pease, Glason, Nelson
15004Bud Messner and His Skyline BoysSlippin’ Around with Jole Blon (v. Bill Franklin)G 71505/1950Bill Franklin
15004Bud Messner and His Skyline BoysI Died All Over You
(v. Bill Franklin)
G 71605/1950Gene Novello – Don George
15005Jackie HellerLonesome That’s All
15005Jackie HellerPeddlar’s Serenade
15006Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookI Used to Love You (v. Jim Dandies)G 709Brown – Von Tilzer
15006Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookThere Is a Tavern in the Town (v. Jim Dandies)G 712Cy Coben
15007Commy Carlyn OrchBuffalo Billy
15007Commy Carlyn OrchI’ll Get Myself a Choo Choo Train
15008Tommy Carlyn OrchSometime
15008Tommy Carlyn OrchHappy Harmony
15009Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookI’m a Sugar Daddy (v. the Jim Dandies)G 727Cy Coben
15009Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookMake Someone Happy Today (v. the Jim DandiesG 729Nelson Jr. – Davis – Deane
15010Jerry Cooper with Lawrence CookI Do Better Up in the MountainsG 744
15010Jerry Cooper with Lawrence CookThe Heart on the Old Oak TreeG 746
15011Bud Messner and His Skyline BoysBig Blue EyesG 72007/1950Russell; Bailey
15011Bud Messner and His Skyline BoysHead Member of Our FamilyG 71907/1950Bill Franklin
15012Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookLet a Smile Be Your Umbrella
15012Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookMissouri Waltz
15013Lawrence CookRed Hot MamaG 732Wells – Cooper – Rose
15013Lawrence CookLet Me Call You SweetheartG 730Wilson – Friedman
15014Jerry CooperWasted Words
15014Jerry CooperI’m Always In Love With Someone
15015Kathy March (Jerry Shard orch)AlibiG 803Mildred King
15015Kathy March (Jerry Shard orch)Mother Used to Tell MeG 802Schell – Holds
15016Bill Franklin with the Skyline BoysThat Old Time Lovin’G 80509/1950(-)
15016Bill Franklin with the Skyline BoysCincinnati Hit ParadeG 80409/1950
15017Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookDream a Little Dream of Me
15017Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookGoodnight Irene
15017Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookTea for Two
15018Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookYou’re In Love With Everyone But Me
15018Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookThat Old Gang of Mine
15019Bud Messner and His Skyline BoysFather Put the Cow Away (v. Molly Darr)
15019Bud Messner and His Skyline BoysLeaping Heart (v. Don Adams)G 812
15020Jackin Osborne with the Skyline BoysYour Paw Keeps Starin’ at the Shotgun
15020Jackin Osborne with the Skyline BoysI Wooed, I Cooed, I Wed in Tennessee
15021Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookKitten on the Keys
15021Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookNola
15022Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookI’m Forever Blowing BubblesG 831Jann – Kenbrovin
15022Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookYes We Have No Bananas
15023Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookBeloved, Be Faithful
15023Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookLet’s Do It Again
15024Clark and McMullenBe Kind and Make Me Love YouG 8431950/12Marsh; Francis
15024Clark and McMullenIs There Somebody ElseG 8421950/12Ponton; McMullen
15025Molly Darr (Bill Franklin orch)Santa’s Coming
15025Molly Darr (Bud Messner orch)I Don’t Care What You Used to Be
15026Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookI’d Like to Find You In My Stocking
15026Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
15027Bud Messner and His Skyline BoysSkyliner’s Boogie
15027Bud Messner and His Skyline BoysSteel Guitar Boogie
15028Bud Messner and Don AbramsAre There Angels in Korea
15028Bud Messner and His Skyline BoysIt’s Great to Be a Nephew of Uncle Sam
15029Dorothy AnnWhen Your Lover Has Gone
15029Dorothy AnnSam, Don’t Slam the Door
15030Morty JayeTime Out for Tears
15030Morty JayeRound and Round and Around
15031Clark and McMullenThe Big Fat Man
15031Clark and McMullenChristmas Roses
15032Kathy MarshI Dropped a Penny in the Wishing Well1950
15032Kathy MarshWe’re Alone at Last1950
15033Eddie McMullenThe Tattooed Lady
15033Clark and McMullenWith a Penny in My Pocket
15034Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookI Wish I Had A Sweetheart
15034Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookHow Many G’s in Peggy, Paw
15035Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookThen I’ll Be HappyG 83701/1951Clare-Brown-Friend
15035Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookAlabamy BoundG 84101/1951DeSylva-Green-Henderson
15036Bill FranklinI’m Off to the Races
15036Bill FranklinI Live Next Door to Heaven
15037The AbbeyairesFollow It Through pt1
15037The AbbeyairesFollow It Through pt2
15038Dorothy Ann (J. Shard Orch)Goin’ Back to Memphis
15038Dorothy Ann (J. Shard Orch)You’re Gonna Love Somebody
15039Tony Mango acc. The Air Lane Trio and the AbbeyairesStellaG 909Moorehead – Lane – Dichiara
15039Tony Mango acc. The Air Lane Trio and the AbbeyairesThe Bridal WaltzG 910Cirina – Trix
15040Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookYou’re the One I Care For
15040Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookDizzy Fingers
15041Rome JohnsonLove Flew Out Of The Window When Money Came In Through The DoorG 925Jack Zero
15041Rome JohnsonA Stain Upon My HeartG 926Charles Kanter; Dick Flora
15042Lawrence Cook and the NickelodeonsNickelodeon Walts (v. Tony Mango and the Sapphires)G 9281951Don George; Bee Walker
15042Lawrence Cook and the NickelodeonsWhatever Happened to the Good Old Days (v. Tony Mango and the Sapphires)G 9271951Don George; Bee Walker
15043Warren Bros.Hot Rod Wreck (v. Shorty Warren)G 934Patrick Higgins
15043Warren Bros.Ain’t Got the Time (v. Smokey Warren)G 933Eddie McMullen
15045Billy HicksWhite Lightning
15045Billy HicksQueen of Broken Hearts
15047Dick Paige (Herman Clebanoff orch)If I Love AgainG 946Oakland
15047Dick Paige (Herman Clebanoff orch)All I Need Is YouG 945Paige; Scott
15048Howard MatlerIs My Pop in There
15048Howard MatlerDon’t Call Me
15052Curley HerdmanRose of My Heart
15052Curley HerdmanBarnyard Special
15053Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookDown YonderG 96511/1951
15053Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookTiger RagG 96611/1951Original Dixieland Jazz Band
15054Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookPlease Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
15054Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookMy Wild Irish Rose
15055Lawrence (Piano Roll) Cook and Dorothy LoudonNickelodeon RagG 973Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlor (NYC)1951Gene Lovello & Paul Greenwood
15055Lawrence (Piano Roll) Cook and Dorothy LoudonDown South MedleyG 9741951
15056Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookMason-Dixon BoogieG 989Abbey 3029Cook
15056Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookSan Antonio RoseG 990B. Wills
15057Jack Swanson and Dotty TravisNew Year BellsG 983Sid Prosen
15057Jack SwansonTake Your Tears to the One Who Took Your KissesProsen – Wise – Frisch
15058Art Pallan and the Satisfiers (Dick Jacob’s orch)If I Could Only See You Again
15058Art Pallan and the Satisfiers (Dick Jacob’s orch)Nickelodeon Rag
15059Dave EnnisCry
15059Dave EnnisCharmaine
15060Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookToo Much Mustard
15060Lawrence (Piano Roll) CookFreddie
15061Art Pallan, The Satisfiers (Dick Jacobs orch)Land of DreamsG 996Don Reid
15061Art Pallan and Don Reid (Dick Jacobs orch)Lonesome for My BabyG 996Biggs – Rickey – Reid
15062Lee Barrett Orchestra with The Bill Bickel Trio and the Barrett-TonesToo Sure (v. Jimmy Confer)G 100802/1952Young – Elias
15062Lee Barrett Orchestra, June Ward and the Barrett-TonesGoodbye SweetheartG 100602/1952Rand – Biggs
15063Charlie Barnet SextetCherokee TrailG 101010/?/51
15063Charlie Barnet SextetThese Foolish ThingsG 100910/?/51
15064King Odom Four (Dick Jacob’s Orch)Don’t Trade Your Love for GoldG 1014David Allen – David Roid
15064King Odom Four (Dick Jacob’s Orch)LuckyG 1012McMullen – Clark
15065Stuart FosterTake Me
15065Stuart FosterChimney Smoke
15066Ray Martin OrchestraDancing Bells
15066Ray Martin OrchestraAt Last, At Last
15068June WardWeeping WillowG 1024
15068June WardEvery Cat Has Nine LivesG 1022
15071Paul Bruno (Bobby Byrne orch)Love Conquers AllA 17AtlasDon Reid
15071Paul Bruno (Bobby Byrne orch)Tingo-TangoA 19AtlasBobby Worth
15073Sandy Solo (Bernie Landes orch)I’m Through With LoveA 21Barry1952Kahn – Meineck – Livingston
15073Sandy Solo (Bernie Landes orch)La RositaA 201952Dupont; Stuart
15074Larry DouglasSilk ‘n Satin
15074Larry DouglasYou’re as Young as You Feel