1948 - 1950s

The name "Palacio de la Música" was given by Ernesto Aue senior to the company he founded in 1947, with the aim of selling musical instruments. He was accompanied on this adventure by Miguel Ángel Piña, who became his trusted employee.

Later an American partner was integrated, who raised the idea of ​​incorporating a line of records. This is how Verco (Venezuela Record Company) was born, a record label with which El Palacio de la Música began distributing its first 78 rpm records. They were pressed in Mexico, due to the absence of press machines in Venezuela.

In 1961 the first international licenses arrived. The records started to be manufactured and marketed in Venezuela by "Palacio de la Música". These were the times when the Pachanga rhythm was imposed.

It seems that the label Verco was renamed to "Palacio" in the mid 50s.

Source: Colección Gladys Palmera


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