1929 - 1946

Ultraphon was a german-czech label. Today the Deutsche Ultraphon is a sublabel of Teldec, located in Hamburg, Germany and belongs to the Warner Music Group.

The origin of this company is situated in the Netherlands and was owned by Küchenmeister. 1929 Ultraphon began to produce records of czech artists in Germany. After completion of the new factory in Prague the production was moved to former Czechoslovakia in 1931.

1932 the factory gone bancrupt and Telefunken took over Ultraphon. The center of production in Prague with all it's rights has been transfered to the czech Ravitas. National recordings were published as Ultraphon, international productions under the label of Supraphon.

The peak was reached in the 1930s with Classic and Jazz.

With the russian occupation after WWII the record company was nationalized in 1946.

After this Ultraphon and Supraphon just produced for the czech market, the international repertoir was published under Mercury Records.

1969 the Ultraphon A.S. was relabeled in Supraphon A.S. and is the biggest czech record label nowadays.




  • ULTRAPHON 14136
  • Ultraphon B 14040
  • Ultraphon G 12970
  • ultraphon 11014

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