1903 - 1950

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The "Gesellschaft für drahtlose Telegraphie m. b. H." based in Berlin, established on July 15th 1903 the TELEFUNKEN brand.

In 1932, the company got the offer to get into the record production by the German ULTRAPHON AG.

Advertisement from August 27th, 1932:
The Telefunken records are here! The telephone & radio company announced on July 19th 1933, the wording brand TELEFUNKEN with expanded product index, now also for records. The graphic "Telefunken-star" was added for records on 17th of March 1937 in positive pressure and for negative pressure on April 8th.

Telefunken board announced itself on October 3 1939 the graphic symbol of a stylized record with applied quarter note with the inscription Telefunkenplattean and it was registered on December 7th 1939.

In 1937 the parent company Telefunken together with Deutsche Bank established the "Deutsche Grammophon GmbH" as a collecting society for the same stock company.

1941: The Siemens & Halske AG (stock company) assumes, among other things, all shares in Deutsche Grammophon GmbH and transmits it owns 50% of the share capital of the Telefunken Ges. F. The Wireless. Telegraphy at AEG, which thus indirectly also acquired Telefunken records.

At WWII the studios were destroyed. The reconstruction in Berlin proves to be difficult, therefore, in 1947 Telefunken purchased a leather factory in Nortorf/Schleswig -Holstein and converted it to a pressing factory for records.

1950 there is a cosnsolidation of commercial interests with the British Decca establishing the TELDEC-Telefunken-Decca on 10 March 1950.

From 1934 - 1939 the "cheap label" Telefunken-Musikus was produced. These records mostly were made of brownish shellac.

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