1937 - 1969

Technichord Records was a small recording company in Brookline, Massachusetts, founded and owned by H. Vose Greenough, Jr. (1912-1976).

Though modest in size, Technichord Records was known for recording music by talented performers that many other companies overlooked. For example, Technichord was the first to record E. Power Biggs, the noted American organist and broadcaster, who did much to popularize the concert organ and organ music to the American public. Other recordings include harpsichordist Claude Jean Chiasson, tenor Hughes Cuenod, soprano Isabel French, and the Harvard Glee Club and the Radcliffe Choral Society performing with harpsichordist Putnam Aldrich.

In the 1940s the label was also distributed in New York (Musart Distributing Co., 7 West 46th St.) and Chicago (K.O. Asher, 1418 Hyde Park Blvd.).

Source: Discogs / Billboard