TAC Records (Theater Arts Committee) was a politically progressive New York-based label active 1939. The records were produced by the Modern Record Co. (which was apparently affiliated with the Musicraft label).

Only two recordings are known.

(state 2019/09)
Cat.# Artist Title Matrix Cat Date Composer(s)
1A Michael Loring; Earl Robinson Abe Lincoln GM 429 - 1939 A. Hayes; E. Robinson
1B Michael Loring; Earl Robinson Joe Hill GM 430 - 1939 A. Hayes; E. Robinson
2A June Havoc; Albert Arkus SWING TAC GM 483 - - M. Stratton; S. Aarons
2B Beatrice Kay; Albert Arkus Picket-Line Priscilla GM 482 - - M. Stratton; S. Aarons


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