1952 - 1957

States Record Company was a Chicago-based record label. A subsidiary of United Records, it was in business from May 1952 to December 1957.

States focused on rhythm and blues, jazz, and gospel.

States was operated by Leonard Allen and Lew Simpkins until Simpkins' death in April 1953; thereafter, Allen was solely responsible for the company.

Most sessions for States were done at Universal Recording, with high-fidelity results.

Allen did less recording after 1954, and closed both of his labels around the end of 1957. States releases ran consecutively from 101 to 164, for a total of 64 singles on the label.

States relied heavily on The Caravans, releasing 14 singles on them and compiling many more unissued tracks. After the company closed, Savoy Records, which had signed the group and was seeking to consolidate its position in gospel music, bought this rich cache of material.

States' remaining output was acquired in 1975 by Bob Koester of Delmark Records, and has been included in comprehensive reissue programs.


  • States 111

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