1959 - 1970s

Spin-O-Rama (or Spinorama) was a budget label started in 1959 by Henry LaPidus out of Newark, New Jersey. LaPidus owned several such low-price labels, including Peter Pan, Parade, Humpty Dumpty, Prom, Rocking Horse and Synthetic Plastics, which served as the parent company for most of the other lines. Recording and packaging quality of those Spin-O-Rama releases was very low, even for the average budget label standards.

In 1961, LaPidus sold Spin-O-Rama and Parade to Phil Landwehr's company Premier Albums and joined Premier as sales manager in charge of the firm's budget service department. Like Synthetic Plastics, Premier Albums, Inc. ran a large number of budget labels, including Coronet, Directional Sound, Celebrity, Baronet and Twinkle.

Source: CVINYL.com


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