1951 - 1953

The Sperry label, based at 10625 Shoemaker Street in Detroit, Michigan, was run by Sperry Boge (He was born in the village Leunovo (Mavrovsko) as Spiro Bogojević on April 15th 1907) and issued a number of recordings originating from tape, and all from Macedonian groups sponsored by Radio Skopje. Radio Skopje began broadcasting in 1944.

The label published about 40 78 rpm records between 1950 and 1953 and later on three LP records. All of their records were RCA Custom pressings.

  • SPERRY 10 Inch Red Label - pressed by RCA in 1951
  • SPERRY 10 Inch Blue Label - pressed by RCA in 1953
  • SPERRY 12 Inch Blue Label - pressed by RCA in 1953
Source: Excavated Shellac / The Endendijk Collection