1932 - 1958

Sonora was a Swedish record company founded on November 5th, 1932 by Erik Ljungberg (1884-1958).

At first, Sonora didn't have any Swedish recordings to release so their initial releases were reissues of the German record company Artiphon. From 1933 and forward, Sonora solely released Swedish recordings. Between 1933 and 1958 Sonora made approximately 9,000 recordings.

When the founder Erik Ljungberg died and the production of shellac 78s ceased, Sonora was purchased by Philips and became AB Philips-Sonora which later turned to Phonogram AB and then Polygram AB and now Universal Music Group.

There were also a Sonora branch in Norway that started releasing records in 1934, and a branch in Finland and one in USA.

Source: Discogs


  • Sonora – 3454
  • Sonora – 7132
  • Sonora – 7147
  • Sonora – 8044
  • Sonora - 9005