1943 - 1947

Chicago based jazz label owned by the Session Records record company. The label was set up in 1943 by Eve and Phil Featheringill and was operational for about a year. 31 discs were issued.

The label ran in conjunction with the Session Record Shop, operated by Phil Featheringill and his wife Evie at 125 North Wells Street in Chicago. The store's specialty, as advertised in the September 1945 Chicago telephone book, was "Original & Re-release Hot Jazz Records." Shop and label both opened for business on November 20, 1943, according to coverage in Down Beat. In his column "The Hot Box" (December 1, 1943, p. 13), George Hoefer, Jr. noted that the shop "will deal exclusively with hot jazz recordings with equal emphasis on the current crop from such sources as the Commodore, Jazz Man, etc. and the rare out of print classics."

Featheringill was still pressing Sessions in the first quarter of 1947. In fact, Session 10-005 and 10-015 were first advertised in the Records, Inc. ad in the Record Changer for March 1947. Each may have been pressed earlier, but if so the editions were extremely limited.

Featheringill soldiered on a little longer. An ad on p. 15 of the Record Changer, June 1947, changed the name of the mail-order business to Records Consolidated and the address to 1661 West Santa Barbara in Los Angeles. Featheringill put his name at the bottom of the ad, identifying himself as "sole owner."

The masters were purchased by Dante S. Bolletino who issued recordings on his label Pax Records.

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