1927 - 1930

The Roycroft record label was in production between 1927-1930 and affiliated with the Cameo label. They were manufactured in New York City and distributed by Wise & Co. of EH's Scrapbook and Notebook fame.

They were high production-value 78s, featuring mostly The English Singers doing sacred and secular English choral pieces, but also other artists, such as a chamber string ensemble accompanied by a cageful of canaries.

Roycroft produced the only known recordings of the Cheerio radio program (although these were studio recordings and not direct radio transcripts). This was a morning program that was on New York stations and then NBC in the '20s and early '30s. Cheerio was much later revealed to be Cyrus K. Field. He reads some poems, and there are several singers as well.

Roycroft records were produced in small numbers and are great rarities today.

Source: The Roycrofters


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