1948 - 1955

Based in Winona Lake, Indiana, this was the second Rainbow Records operation undertaken by Gospel singer and hymn publisher Homer Rodeheaver and has no relationship whatsoever to the first Rainbow Records that he owned, which was active in the 1920s.

Although some of the recordings employed on the "post-war" Rainbow may have been made earlier, the imprint did not go public until 1948 and was mostly concluded by 1950, releasing a large number of records in a very short time.

Recordings were made at the Leigh B. Freed Studio, which was located on an upper floor of Westminster Hall at what is now Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. For the most part, the pressings were made by the RCA Custom Division in Indianapolis. Some 45 rpm records of Rodeheaver were added to the catalog in 1952; though they were of selections previously released on the label, the recordings were all new. A final Christmas disc was issued on this Rainbow in 1955; a postmark on a copy at the Winona History Center shows that it was mailed out two days before Homer Rodeheaver died, so it would've arrived after.

Source: Discogs