1922 - 1938

Perfect Records was a United States-based record label. It was introduced in June 1922 by the financially strained Pathé Frères Phonograph Co. to compete with other budget-priced labels of the day and boost record sales. The label also produced in the UK.

From the start, Perfect Records were popular and sold well. The label primarily featured the popular music of the day performed by the standard fare of free lance New York orchestras, as well as a good amount of hot jazz (after about 1923). Among the jazz artists on Perfect were Duke Ellington, Fletcher Henderson and the small group of Ben Pollack musicians (including Benny Goodman and Jack Teagarden) under an array of pseudonoms. There also was some blues and country issued on the label. Perfect also had a popular "Star" series of vocalists which included Jay C. Flippen, Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards, Lee Morse, Willard Robison, Annette Hanshaw, and later Ruth Etting and Eddie Cantor.

The Pathé and Perfect labels were part of the merger that created the American Record Corporation (ARC) in July 1929. After the merger, ARC weeded out some of their poorer selling labels (Pathé, for example), and Perfect continued to be a popular label through the 1930s until ARC dropped their entire group of cheaper labels in late 1938.

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