1917 - 1921

U.S. record label (1917-1921). Records were manufactured by the Lyraphone Company Of America. The first Lyric Records were announced to the trade in August, 1917. Earliest releases were vertically cut discs bearing full-color lithographed labels in a florid Victorian-style design. These were offered in both 10" and 12" discs, with smaller diameter pressings further divided into dance and popular instrumentals (4100 series), popular vocal (5100 series), standard and operatic vocal (6100 series) and classical instrumentals (8100 series).

Lateral-cut Lyric records were announced in November, 1919. Newer Lyric records had simpler labels, sporting a kitten and disc trademark, and appeared in either orange and gray (for lateral cut releases) or blue (for vertical cut releases). These bore the slogan "Never Scratches". Although they were sold at the premium price of 85¢ per disc, there was nothing exceptional about either the content or the quality of Lyric Records. Pressings and Masters were of mediocre quality.

The label was discontinued in 1921.

Source: Discogs



  • Lyric 4220
  • Lyric 6117

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