1948 - 1949

LENOX Records pressed the first record in August 1948 promoting blues and gospel titles previously recorded for Continental Records. The bright orange label was a subsidiary of Remington Records owned by four individuals including Donald Gabor, president of Continental.

The dics were pressed in plants in New Jersey and Webster, Massachusetts and priced at $0.75. The initals releases on the label (500-514) were recorded between December 31st, 1945, and late 1947. Some of the singles were previously released on Continental.

With the conclusion of the strike in December of 1948, recording sessions were again held through March of 1949.

The new series of releases included freshly-recorded issues (521, 524, 526, 530 and 531) plus more early titles (518 and 529).

Source: The 78 Discography

LENOX  500 - 533

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