1938 - 1990s

The Kismet Record Co. (sometimes also written as Kismet Records or Kismet Recording Co.) was founded in 1938 in New York by Dimitri Kornienko (a musician already known by his hit "Bosporus") and his wife Anna.

Initially they were producing recordings of Dimitri Kornienko's ensemble and distributing them through record stores. When Dimitri died in 1943, the family's friends helped the widow to open her own musical store in New York (227 East 14th street) and to continue to publish new records.

Under Mrs. Anna Kornienko, the company entered the LP era; Kismet had issued dozens of titles, including several LPs with songs of Alexander Vertinsky and Peter Leschenko. After certain decline in 1970s, the company was revitalized by its new employee, Rudolf Solovyev (also known as Rudolf Fuchs and Ruvim Rublev) who bought the business in early 1980s.

Kismet operated until late 1990s, when Rudolf decided to return to Russia.

Source: Russian Records



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