1948 - 1958 (?)

The production of Kayaphon (in Arabic: Kāyā fūn) had no proven commercial purpose: it only existed for the purpose of publishing the recordings of the Club of Aden (al-Nadwa al- ʿAdaniyya), a free association of artists and writers chaired by Ḫalīl Muḥammad Ḫalīl (a singer), Muḥammad ʿAbdu Ġānim (a poet and scholar) and Sālim Bā Madhaf (scholar and historian).

Founded in 1948, this club, which continued its activities for ten years, had chosen to produce music on a voluntary basis and to distribute it free of charge, in particular on the radio from 1954.

This association was supported by a cultural and political, patriotic awakening of the intellectual and artistic elites of Aden, which explains this militant spirit. The record numbers follow the abbreviation RKA, probably for Record Kayaphon Aden. The labels are royal blue. Still according to the militant spirit of the Club, its founders refused to include the musician's name on every record.

Source: journals.openedition.org