Kapp Records was founded in 1953 in New York City by Dave Kapp, brother of Decca Records (US) founder Jack Kapp. The company established two sublabels: Leader Records (for more middle-of-the-road material) and Four Corners Records (with a "Four Corners of the World" trademark (4 Corners Of The World), for European artists ).

In 1967, The three labels and their trademarks were acquired by MCA. After MCA launched its Universal City Records / UNi imprint in 1968, some Kapp records indicated that Kapp was a division of Universal City, while others indicated it was a division of MCA.

The last original Kapp-branded record was sold in 1972, but the logo is occasionally revived for reissues. Non-US releases were manufactured by other companies, but often prominently featured the Kapp brand.

Source: Discogs