1908 - 1911

UK label owned by Fonotipia Co. Ltd. incorporated on 28 February 1908 as a low-cost label. The records were pressed and manufactured by Jumbo Record Fabrik G.m.b.H. in Frankfurt. First records didn't have the elephant trade mark, because was used by Elephone Record that closed his activity at the beginning of 1909, and from that moment Jumbo started to use the elephant trade mark. On 1st August 1909 the manufacturing and distribution of Jumbo and Jumbola Record discs is entrusted to International Talking Machine Co. m.b.H.

The label was discontinued in 1911 following Fonotipia's buyout by Carl Lindström A.-G.. In 1913 the Carl Lindström A.-G. built a new pressing factory in Hertford called The Mead Works.

In 1915, the British government introduced the "Trading with the Enemy" acts which prohibited German firms operating at all in Britain. This meant that Lindström had it's offices and factories seized by the government.

In 1917 Columbia Graphophone Company bought the old Lindström business from the government and it was decided to rename the label Venus Record.

Source: www.loc.gov