1911 - 1924

The record label Homocord was founded in 1904 under the name Homophon by Hermann Eisner and remained active under this name until 1908. Finally, the company was defeated in a Homophon in 1907 by the company Zonophon patent litigation at the Royal District Court of Berlin and changed in August 1911 to the name of Homokord.

However, only the label name was changed; the company was still called Homophone. For the British market, the name was Homochord. Around 1924, the name was also changed to Homocord in Germany. The headquarters were in the 1920s in the Berlin Alexandrinenstraße.

Source: Wikipedia



  • HOMOKORD-292
  • HOMOKORD 14597
  • HOMOKORD-14748
  • HOMOKORD 50286

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