1924 - 1925

Everybodys Record Inc. was a short lived label based in New York. Produced by Bridgeport Die & Machine Company. The listing of new incorporations in the May 21, 1925 issue of the New York Times includes “Everybodys Records, realty and merchandise. J. W. Ogden, S. A. and F.B Hatem.”

Variety (December 23, 1925, p39) reported: “Record Company Bankrupt. Everybody’s Record, Inc., has consented to a receivership on Frederick R. A. Stiefel’s complaint that the company had $12,000 in assets and but owed $6,165.19 on three notes to Stiefel and had other obligations totaling $9,000. (...read more)”

Most matrixes came from Paramount and Emerson-Consolidated and the known catalog ran from 1001 to 1085 with a continuation to 1092 under the name "The Electric" (which actually wasn't).

Source: majesticrecord.com / centuryoldsounds.com / vjm.biz

Everybodys Series