Mid 1950s

Estamae McFarlane was a part-time substitute physical education teacher, director of the Pueblo Junior Red Cross, and square and folk dance teacher in Pueblo. Her husband and she were avid square dancers and active participants in the classes and summer public park dances run by Dr. Lloyd "Pappy" Shaw.

Later on she developed out of her experiences by teaching younger and younger children, beginning with preschool ages and rhythm training, a belief that every child can benefit from rhythm training leading to dance training, especially children with serious mental or physical handicaps.

She decided to produce her own records in the 1950s. Her first box set was Toy Shop - Rhythms for Young Folk. She followed up immediately with three other sets, Let's Have Fun Dancing - Easy Couple Dancing, Lets Have Fun Dancing - Social and Variety Dancing, and Circus Fun and Ball Bouncing. Every box set included 4 records.

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