1920s - 1933

Swiss shellac label founded by the Kalophon Record S.A. pressing plant / label (Zürich) towards the end of the 2nd half of the 1920's.  (Label Code: LC 2424 / LC 02424)

After the folding of Kalophon, the entire (bankrupt's) estate including the Elite Record label, and Kalophon Record S.A. pressing plant was sold to Johann Heinrich Müller from Wädenswil, Zürich back in Autumn of 1931.

About two years later, in 1933, Johann Heinrich Müller was already a bit short of money to keep his pressing plant running properly. He was unable to produce own stampers. All that he could do was to repress records, or to issue licensee pressings on Elite Record by using stampers that were purchased from various other labels.

Records pressed in Switzerland have a crossbow on it, the US pressings a music note with a thunderbolt on it.

Elite Record finally sold (together with the entire pressing plant) to Heinrich Landis, the first owner of Turicaphon AG back in 1933.

They've later on continued as Elite Special records in 1940.

Source: Hans Oestreicher  - "Leben mit Musik!"



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