Edison Bell RADIO

1928 - 1932

The label was produced by Edison Bell (International) Limited.
Edison Bell's entry into the lucrative 8" disc market came in 1928 with Radio records. The first issues made no mention of "Edison Bell" on the label.

The records were described as "The Big 8" and cost 1/3. It was a high-quality product aimed at the popular market.

Ex-music hall artist, Harry Hudson, was musical director and provided most of the dance music under a variety of pseudonyms.

The catalogue numbers started at 800 and reached just over 1600 at the end, though 1000-1200 weren't used (at least in Britain). Continental series usually had a prefix and were printed with a dark blue-on-violet label with the same design as the usual British ones. All were recorded and made in Britain. Matrix numbers were in an 80000-series.

In 1931, the gold-on-blue colour scheme was almost reversed and it became black-on-gold, but time was running out and the label ceased to be in 1932.

Source: Discogs


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