1944 - 1950s

The De Luxe Record Company was formed in 1944 by David and Jules Braun in Linden, New Jersey. The label recorded popular music, rhythm and blues, jazz, gospel and country & western.

In 1947, Syd Nathan purchased a majority interest in the label, although it continued to be operated out of Linden by the Braun brothers until March, 1949, when the offices were moved to Cincinnati.

The Brauns evidently left the company at that time to form Regal Records. Nathan officially acquired the Braun brothers' interest in the DeLuxe label in February, 1951.

Many of the DeLuxe masters were issued on King Records singles and albums.

In the early 1950s, Nathan revived the label with new releases. Henry Stone had been active in Miami with his Rockin' and Glory labels and Seminole Distributing Company when Syd Nathan asked him to come and revive this dormant little label he'd picked up. Stone was promised 50% of the label.

The big hit he came up with was Otis Williams & The Charms with "Hearts Of Stone." This record was remarkable for breaking pop through white radio airplay. It went #15 on the pop charts and was a million selling record.

Source: Discogs


  • De Luxe 1084
  • De Luxe 1014

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