Chwyli Dnistra

1954 - ?

Chwyli Dnistra was an Ukrainian publishing house that published Ukrainian books, records, greeting cards and art albums.
It has been founded 1954 in Cleveland (USA) by Vasily Ilchyshyn.

Publishing products have diverged in the US, Canada and European countries.
In total, Chwyli Dnistra (Waves of the Dniester) released 45 records which contained about 500 titles.

The recordings featured songs by artists and collectives of the Ukrainian diaspora, as well as recordings from other record labels.

The numbering system is from CD-01 to CD-45.

CD-01 to CD-13 discs (except CD-7) were 78 rpm records
CD-14 to CD-45 were released at 33 rpm.



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